Types of Health Screening


There are different types of Health Screening available including:

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Executive or Full Health Screening

Well Woman Health Screening

Well Man Health Screening

Onsite Health Screening

Pre- Employment Health Screening

Executive or Full Health Screening


A health assessment or health screen gives you the opportunity to review your physical condition as well as your lifestyle. It provides you with a detailed picture of how healthy you are and enables you to take control and make decisions about your health for the future. Manage Health gives you access to a wide choice of health assessments. While each one caters for different needs, they are all based on the principle that early detection of illness means easier management of the problem or more successful treatment.



Well Woman Health Screening


A specific health assessment for women, this gives the opportunity to seek reassurance regarding women’s health issues by assessing breast and gynaecological health. It includes taking your medical history as well as a cervical smear, blood analysis, a thorough breast examination and mammography – recommended for women over the age of 40 annually, and every two years for women over the age of 50.



Well Man Health Screening

This type of health screen will usually look at identifying the main risk factors for heart disease, with the opportunity to help you manage those risks for the future. Normally they include some form of coronary risk assessment, blood pressure measurement, respiratory function, prostate assessment and review of medical history.


To find out more about Well Woman or Well Man Health Screening, with a list of providers including costs, call Manage Health on 0845 2222 208 or fill in the contact form for more information.



Onsite Health Screening


For organisations with a large numbers of employees based at one location, onsite Health Screening can often be the solution. This can be delivered via a mobile Health Screening unit or by a nurse or trained technician coming to site and setting up within your premises. These types of health screens can prove to be most cost effective when looking at promoting health and wellbeing to your workforce. Don’t have a budget for screening? Your employees are often happy to be offered the opportunity on a voluntary self-pay basis.


A personal report is provided to the individual, often with specific supporting literature based on personal health risks identified during the health screen. As an organisation you will receive anonymous amalgamated data to allow you to understand the health or your organisation, enabling you to make appropriate plans for future health initiatives.


To find out more about Onsite Health Screening, who can provide it for you and how much it costs, call Manage Health on 0845 2222 208 or fill in the contact form for more information.



Pre-Employment Health Screening


Each organisation needs to ensure that all new employees are fit for the job they’re being recruited for, and that the job will not have an adverse affect on their health. This procedure evaluates the wellness or fitness of an applicant's declared health, in relation to the hazards and risks of the job, environment or activities for which they are being employed.


Around 5 to 10% of all new recruits will have some medical complication. A Pre- Employment Health Questionnaire will help you to identify health problems early on, and protect those with issues such as diabetes, epilepsy, hypertension etc. It is typically carried out by a pre-employment health screen questionnaire, but may also involve further investigation via a medical for which an appointment is made for the prospective employee, usually with an Occupational Health Nurse or Occupational Health Physician. By finding you the best provider of this service, we link you in with a network of Occupational Health Physicians and Nurses who can provide a follow-up medical assessment if required.


Our fixed price quote means you know exactly what you will be paying and we can ensure that the administration process does not put additional pressure on your main HR responsibilities.


To access Pre-employment Health Screening services, call Manage Health now on on 0845 2222 208 now or fill in the contact form for more information.

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